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Creatinine 4.6 and Hypertension, How to Avoid Dialysis

2017-06-05 16:06

Creatinine 4.6 and Hypertension, How to Avoid DialysisHello, doctor. I have hypertension for more than 20 years. Besides, it is under the control. But, now, I can not make it under the normal level, and my creatinine level is 4.6. Need I take dialysis immediately? How to avoid dialysis?

Do you have the similar situation with him? If so, please don’t worry. A good mood will help the patients to keep healthy. Also, the patients need to follow some notices to protect the kidney from further. For examples, a well-planed diet, quit smoking, give up drinking, etc. If the patients can not do all these things, they will have to start dialysis in the near future.

Generally speaking, when the creatinine level reaches up to 5.2, the doctor will suggest dialysis. What is more, the symptoms will influence the time whether the patients need to go for dialysis. As a matter of fact, if the patients can take an effective treatment to rebuild the renal function, they can avoid dialysis.

Here I will show you some Treatments to treat the patients.

Toxin-Removing Therapy.

With the Toxin-Removing Therapy, the poisons throughout the whole body will be driven out off body, which is beneficial for the kidney to recover.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

During the period of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the special herbs will be selected up in the term of the patients’ correct illness conditions and milled into powder for a high using rate. After that, the herbs powder will be loaded into two medical bags which will be placed at the patients’ Shenshu area. Later, the available substances will permeate into body and reach at the kidney by a treatment machine. So that, the kidney self-cure ability will be enhanced as the blood vessels is extended, the blood stasis is dispelled, the blood circulation is promoted and the renal inherent cells are activated.

When the kidney is repaired, the hypertension will be limited, the creatinine will be reduced, and there is no need of dialysis.

If you have any puzzles about the treatments for one with creatinine 4.6 and hypertension to avoid dialysis, please leave a message below or send your contact information to us. We will try our best to help you.

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