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Creatinine 720 and High Blood Pressure, How to Recover Renal Function

2017-10-21 15:02

Creatinine 720 and High Blood Pressure, How to Recover Renal FunctionCreatinine 720umol/L shows there are more than 90% of the kidney damaged, and thus many sicknesses appears, which bothers patients’ daily life. Thereby, how to recover renal function for the patients with creatinine 720umol/L and high blood pressure?

First at all, let’s find out what is the relation among creatinine, renal function and high blood pressure.

Creatinine 720umol/L usually stands for there are an array of detrimental substances retained in the body, which is occasioned by the low kidney function. As for the high blood pressure, it is a common reason which can induce kidney problem. Moreover, as more and more water and sodium gathered in the body, the blood pressure will be elevated and it is not easy to lessen it unless the kidney is repaired.

While, how to treat the patients with creatinine 720umol/L and high blood pressure?

According to what I referred above, the foods rich of salt, fat, protein, potassium and phosphorus and others will be restricted. At the same time, healthy living lifestyle will be insisted so as to prevent the kidney from further impairments.

In the situation of creatinine 720umol/L the kidney will gain ensuing damage as a result of these assembled substances. Therefore, Toxin-Removing Therapy is needed to reach the goal of cleansing internal environment and protecting kidneys.

In spite of this, the patients had better take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture or other Chinese medicines to repair the kidneys safely since Toxin-Removing Therapy do not take effects on improving kidney function directly.

When the kidney is restored, the creatinine 720 will be lessened, the high blood pressure will be controlled better, and the patients can avoid dialysis successfully.

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