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Why Dose IgA Nephropathy Occur Repeatedly

2018-10-04 08:32

The causes of IgA nephropathy recurrence are mainly the occurrence of immune response and the patient’s mucosal immune abnormality removing antigen, as well as the liver and gallbladder function abnormality removing IgA obstacle.As a result, a large amount of IgA remains in the body and is easy to deposit in the mesangial region, pathological changes occur in glomerular intrinsic cells, permeability is enhanced, and macromolecular red blood cells and proteins cannot be intercepted.Leakage from the deformed glomerular filtration aperture into the original urine, so IgA nephropathy patients may present with naked eyes or proteinuria during examination.

According to the current level of western medicine research, if only western medicine is used, some patients can delay the development of the disease, temporarily reach urine protein, occult blood turns negative,However, it is very difficult to gradually recover IgA nephropathy if we want to treat it. This is why IgA nephropathy is repeated. In some western medicines, there is no component that can reverse and repair the damaged kidney’s intrinsic cells, so the development of kidney fibrosis cannot be blocked.Still slowly, the illness will worsen over time. In case of susceptible factors such as cold, infection, diet and mood, albuminuria and occult blood will all come back.

Many patients with LGA nephropathy are likely to have repeated relapses after treatment, which will cause more damage to the related body. Therefore, patients should also take good care of their condition after treatment.This can reduce the frequency of recurrence of the patient’s illness and relieve the patient’s physical pain.

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