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IgA Nephropathy Comes Back Easily after Kidney Transplant

2013-10-15 10:05

IgA Nephropathy Comes Back Easily after Kidney TransplantWill IgA Nephropathy come back after kidney transplant? As for this question, I have to say “Yes, IgA Nephropathy comes back easily after kidney transplant”.

IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease which occurs due to immune disorder. Therefore, normalizing immune system and improving immunity are essential parts in treating IgA Nephropathy. Kidney transplant is a surgery in which a healthy kidney is put into patient’s body to replace failed kidney function. This is a good option for IgA Nephropathy patients whose kidneys have failed completely. They can live as well as other healthy people at a later time. However, as immunodeficiency is not repaired at all, healthy kidney which is put into patient’s body to replace failed kidney runs a certain risk to be damaged. This is the reason why IgA Nephropathy comes back easily after kidney transplant.

For people suffering from IgA Nephropathy, if they want to live far away from kidney failure, they need to treat immunodeficiency and repair kidney damages at the same time. Only in this way, can kidney function be improved effectively.

IgA is the abbreviation of Immunoglobulin A which can help us fight again harmful substances like bacterium and virus. Due to the immunodeficiency, IgA fails to perform its function properly. Under such a condition, certain of antigen invade our body and combines with IgA. The combination of antigen and IgA is called IgA immune complexes which can deposit in kidney and cause kidney damages. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay is treatment that based on Chinese herbs which have been used to treat various illnesses in medicine. These herbs can help to normalize immune system and strengthen immunity. What is more, effective ingredients released by these herbs can clear IgA immune complexes away from kidney and blood. Therefore, with this treatment, IgA Nephropathy can be stopped from developing to kidney failure. As long as kidney failure is avoided, kidney transplant is avoided. And patients need not to worry about the reoccurrence of this problem.

Lastly, kidney transplant is an option for people with kidney failure caused by IgA Nephropathy, but it is not a good option as it comes back easily after surgery. Therefore, seizing every chance to treat IgA Nephropathy from the root is very important for patients to have a good prognosis and live a better life.

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