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How Often The Kidney Disease Develops To Uremia And Reasons

2018-09-02 08:41

To most kidney patients they are always despaired to their kidney condition,for the kidney disease is a progressing disease,and hard to restore the kidney function,according to the statistics of clinical kidney disease cases,first, 15 % of hypertensive patients will directly turn to uremia. According to statistics from 1998 in China, hypertensive patients account for 10% of the total population. That is to say, there is one hypertensive patient per 10 people, including 1.5 people will become uremic patients.

Two, 30 % of diabetes patients, the direct outcome is uremic diabetes. Recent statistics show that there are 43.2 million diabetics and 50.64 million people with impaired glucose tolerance in our population, the sum of which is 93.84 million.

Third, kidney disease is the main cause of uremia, and the final outcome of all chronic kidney diseases will be uremia. Among these, chronic glomerulonephritis is the primary cause. among the diseases causing uremia, chronic glomerulonephritis accounts for 55.7 %.

Fourth, urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection. According to statistical data, the incidence of urinary sensation in China is 0.23 % for men and 2.37 % for women.

Five, the drug caused by different degrees of toxicity. Research shows that about 25 % of patients with Renal failure are related to renal toxicity of drugs.

6. age – related. With the growth of age, the structure and function of the kidney have obvious degenerative changes. Under normal circumstances, the human kidney has a strong compensatory function. When the renal function is lost by 50 %, it can still maintain the normal life activities of the human body. After removing a kidney, people can still live healthily. With the growth of age, the reserve function of human body gradually weakens or even loses. Under the condition of no extra burden, renal function can meet the needs of human life activities.But there is no ability to cope with sudden injuries and diseases.

7. uremia caused by HIV infection is on the rise. This cause now accounts for 1 % of the causes of uremia.

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