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You Should Pay Attention To Tips For Uremic Patients

2018-11-11 10:37

As a uremia patient you must fact the dialysis treatment and take good care of your daily life to stabilize your kidney condition.What are the precautions for uremia patients during dialysis?

What are the precautions for uremic patients during dialysis? Uremia is the most serious stage of chronic renal failure. The incidence of uremia in China is about 96 – 100 new cases per million population each year, 80 % of which are young adults, seriously affecting people’s health and life safety.

In the past 30 years, a great deal of research work has been done in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of uremia all over the world, many modern technologies have been applied and good treatment results have been achieved.

What are the precautions for uremic patients during dialysis? Uremia is a serious and even fatal kidney disease in clinic. In recent years, there are many ways to treat uremia clinically, but there is no cure yet. Therefore, the harm of uremia still exists. In order to improve the effect of treatment and achieve the purpose of treatment, health care measures should be taken in the course of treatment or in daily life. Here are some answers to the health care needs of uremic patients undergoing dialysis.

1, uremic patients should exercise properly after dialysis and try to maintain adequate rest and sleep;

2. Prevent infection and develop good hygiene habits in daily life; To prevent the infection of various germs;

3. Patients should develop the habit of defecation on time, avoid being constipated, and take cathartics when necessary.

4, self-observation of whether there are internal and external bleeding situations, urine and feces color, whether there are bleeding spots and ecchymoses on the skin, etc.

5, maintain physical and mental pleasure; If there is any emergency or discomfort in the home life, you should immediately go to the outpatient department, the emergency department or contact the kidney washing center.

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