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What does It Means If You Have 25% Kidney Function Left

2015-02-07 15:29

What does It Means If You Have 25% Kidney Function LeftWhat does it means if you have 25% kidney function left ? As a kidney disease patient, doctors always you to take some test related to kidney function, after that you will be told how many function you still have. Then, do you know the percentage kidney function means what ? Next, i will tell you more about kidney function.

What is kidney function and how to measure it ?

Kidney function, in nephrology, is an indication of the state of the kidney and its role in renal physiology

Most doctors use the plasma concentrations of the waste substances of creatinine and urea (U), as well as electrolytes (E), to determine renal function. These measures are adequate to determine whether a patient is suffering from kidney disease.

However, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine will not be raised above the normal range until 60% of total kidney function is lost. Hence, the more accurate Glomerular filtration rate or its approximation of the creatinine clearance is measured whenever renal disease is suspected or careful dosing of nephrotoxic drugs is required.

What does it means if you have 25% kidney function left ?

Form the above we know that the kidney function is one of the indicator of kidney disease. From 25% we can know that there are just left 25% kidneys can work normally and the kidneys have been damaged seriously.

In clinic, 25% kidney function is in stage 4 kidney disease, under most of the condition, for people who are in this stage and suffered from serious symptoms they are recommended to take dialysis right now, but the things is not always the same. If you do not want to take dialysis, Chinese Medicine can help you live better without dialysis.

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