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The Difference Between Polycystic Kidney Failure And Uremia

2018-12-14 10:15

To most kidney patients they are always fearing that the condition will develop to the end stage of uremia,then many patients are particularly familiar with uremia, which is a very serious kidney disease. If the disease cannot be treated in time in the early stage of onset, it will pose a great threat to the life and health of the patient in the later stage. However, uremia also has a ” twin brother”, that is, polycystic kidney failure. How can we distinguish polycystic kidney failure from uremia?

If polycystic kidney is not well controlled or effective treatment is not taken, it can develop into renal insufficiency, resulting in renal failure – uremia. Uremia is not an independent disease name, but a clinical syndrome in the late stage of various kidney diseases. Is the final stage of progressive renal failure. According to the relevant tests, tests and symptoms and the degree of serum creatinine, urea nitrogen and other related indicators increased, can be defined as renal insufficiency compensation period, azotemia period And uremia period.

Because of the low renal function, when the glomerular filtration rate drops, but the serum creatinine does not exceed 178 umoi / l and the blood urea nitrogen does not exceed 9mm oi / l, the patient does not have any symptoms of renal insufficiency. When the blood creatinine exceeds 178 umoi / l and the blood urea nitrogen exceeds 9mm oi / l, the patient still has no clinical symptoms, but feels weak, anorexia and anemia of different degrees, which is the stage of azotemia. When the glomerular filtration rate drops further, the serum creatinine exceeds 445 umoi / l, and the blood urea nitrogen exceeds 20m moi / l, there are obvious clinical symptoms, and this is the uremic stage.

When polycystic kidney develops into uremia, it reaches a very terrible stage and endangers life. .. Patients with polycystic kidney disease should be cured or controled in the development of the disease at the initial stage or at the stage when the cyst is small, that is, before the renal function can be compensated. The earlier treatment, the better the effect, the easier it will be to heal.

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