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Diet For Patients With Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2013-08-29 15:22

Diet For Patients With Stage 4 Kidney FailureAccording to the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), kidney failure is divided to 5 stages. If you are diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, you have been in advanced kidney failure. Your kidney function has been impaired severely. Thus you have to pay attention to your diet which can prevent illness condition developing into stage 5 kidney failure. For patients with stage 4 kidney failure, their doctor or renal dietitian may give them a specific diet plan according to their illness condition.

Different people with stage 4 kidney failure may have different dietary plan, here are some common diet suggestions for patients with stage 4 kidney failure.

First, limit the intake of salt or sodium. Patients with kidney failure often have edema. Because kidney cannot filter out extra fluid and sodium, extra fluid and sodium build up in the body, form fluid retention. In daily diet, patients should not eat foods with high salt or sodium, such as pickles, ham, bacon, potato soup, cheese sauce, etc.

Second, limit the intake of protein. Much protein can increase the burden of kidney and make kidney failure deteriorate. Patients with kidney failure need to ingest high quality protein to maintain the nutrition which the body needs. High quality protein foods include fish, lean meat, egg white, milk and so on.

Third, regulate the intake of potassium. If patients with stage 4 kidney failure suffer from hyperkalemia, they can not eat the foods with high potassium: vegetables like spinach, potatoes, carrots, mushroom; fruits like banana, longan, orange, apple and grape. These foods contain high potassium. You can eat some low potassium foods, such as pumpkin, rice, tofu. However, you cannot eat much these low potassium foods.

Forth, regulate the level of phosphorus and calcium. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in bone is 2:1. Patients with kidney problem may have hyperphosphatemia. When phosphorus is higher than normal level, calcium will decrease, and then osteoporosis and osteomalacia will be caused. Therefore, patients should limit the intake of phosphorus, and increase calcium intake. They can eat the foods like tofu, sea-tangle and shrimp.

Fifth, limit drinking much water. Recent researches point that the water intake for patients with kidney failure is the amount that their urine output in the previous day adds 500~700 ml of water. If patients suffer from edema, they need to drink less water.

These are some common dietary suggestions for patients with stage 4 kidney failure. Different patients may have different dietary plans. Patients need to consult their doctor or dietitian and make a specific diet for themselves. Or you can chat with our expert who can give you a suitable and reasonable dietary plan.

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