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Are Oranges Bad for Kidney Failure Patients

2014-02-25 08:36
Are Oranges Bad for Kidney Failure PatientsOrange is one of favourite fruit for many people.Are oranges bad for kidney failure patients? Follow our descriptions and find the answers.
Orange is a common fruit for most people.Meanwhile it is also a kind of delicious fruit which have rich protein,organic acid,vitamins as well as many significant mineral elements that our body is closely needed such as calcium,phosphorus,sodium and potassium etc.
Kidney is an important organ which can perform many tasks such as cleansing wastes and toxins out of the body in the form of urine,moderating blood pressure,forming blood and keeping the balance of electrolyte,phosphorous and calcium.For now kidney failure patients have difficulty finishing these jobs,especially potassium.Under normal circumstances,potassium is mainly depending on kidney to remove them out of the body in the form of urine.If potassium deposits amounts of potassium in the blood,many complications will develop such as heart disease,digestive disease and so on.All of them bring trouble for Kidney Failure patients.
Now orange have too much potassium so that patients are not suitable to have oranges.
In order to treat kidney failure patients,treatments are more important than diet plan.
Kidney Treatment
Hot Compress Therapy
Hot Compress Therapy is based on Chinese medicines which treats kidney disease from root perspective.Hot Compress Therapy treats Kidney Failure in the following perspectives:
1.Expanding blood vessels
As the blood vessels are expanding,more blood and oxygen are for kidney thus protecting the renal functions and slowing down the progression of Kidney Failure.
2.Avoiding Complications
The consistently deposition of wastes and toxins builds up in the blood vessels thus leading to coagulation,which will make Kidney failure be controlled difficult.
Apart from this,it also repairs renal damage and restores renal functions.
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