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What is the Life Expectancy if Kidney Failure Patients refuse dialysis with BUN 184

2013-12-12 10:49

What is the Life Expectancy if Kidney Failure Patients refuse dialysis with BUN 184What is the life expectancy if kidney failure patients refuse dialysis with BUN 184? As we know, kidney failure means the kidney function is severely reduced, and in order to prolong the life expectancy, patients need to live on dialysis or wait for a kidney transplant. However, if patients receive dialysis, they need to depend on dialysis in their remainder life. Then some patients may refuse to start a dialysis. Then, a kidney failure patients asked the question mentioned at beginning.

BUN is the metabolites of protein in body, and it is mostly excreted by kidneys. When the kidney function is reduced, the BUN level will increase. The normal BUN level is 9-20mg/dl. When BUN level of kidney failure patients is 184, it means the kidney function is seriously reduced, and the kidneys cannot excrete the excess BUN in blood. In this condition, people are always recommended to start dialysis. Because the damaged kidney function cannot excrete the excess wastes and toxins in blood, and the accumulation of these wastes in blood will cause other serious symptoms and complication, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and skin itch. If patients don’t have dialysis, they may have a bad prognosis.

However, the illness condition is different from case to case, there are also some other factors that may affect the life expectancy if kidney failure refuse dialysis with BUN 184.

- If patients have some severe symptoms and complications like serious swelling, hypertension, shortness of breath, heart problems etc, their life expectancy will be awful if they refuse dialysis.

- If kidney failure patients don’t have a well-planed diet, which will also increase their kidney damage, and they will have bad prognosis without dialysis.

-If kidney failure patients don’t have effective treatment, and they don’t have dialysis, their life expectancy is also bad.

Depending on these factors, our nephrologist advice the kidney failure patients with BUN 184 to have dialysis if they have some serious symptoms or have no urination. Meanwhile, they need to try some other treatment to improve their kidney function, which will make them far away from dialysis.

Here, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to remedy kidney failure. This therapy uses Traditional Chinese herbs and modern technology, which will remedy the kidney disease effectively. Chinese herbs can remit the symptoms and repair the damaged kidney tissues, which will improve the kidney function fundamentally. After the treatment, the BUN level will reduce and the improved kidney function will make people really get rid of dialysis.

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