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How Serious Is High Creatinine 5.6 After Kidney Transplant

2013-11-16 11:01

How Serious Is High Creatinine 5.6 After Kidney TransplantKidney transplant is usually performed when kidney function level declines to 20% or less. Successful operation can make kidney failure patients get rid of dialysis and regain obvious improvement. However, the result isn’t always as good as we expect. In some cases, patients suffer from high creatinine level like creatinine 5.6.

In normal cases, how high is creatinine level after kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is one surgery to replace diseased kidneys with one healthy kidneys. Generally, patients need to do this surgery until their two kidneys both fail to work. Therefore, even though one healthy kidney is placed into kidney failure patients’ body and works properly, it can’t cleanse blood as thoroughly as primary kidneys.

Creatinine is one waste product building up in the blood and filtered out by kidneys, so it is able to reflect how well kidneys are working. For people after kidney transplant, their normal creatinine level is about 1.8-1.9mg/dl. Creatinine 5.6 is so high that must reveal some problems.

How serious is high creatinine 5.6 after kidney transplant?

Creatinine 5.6 means transplanted kidney doesn’t play its role successfully. In this case, to maintain life, these patients may need to begin dialysis again. If not, the build up of creatinine and some other substances such as potassium and urea will cause life-threatening complications.

How to lower high creatinine level after kidney transplant?

Firstly, purify the blood repeatedly. With correct type of blood purification method, wastes and toxins in the blood can be cleared. Secondly, we can use some herbal medicines, which have properties of repairing damaged tissues and protecting kidneys. Finally, it may be possible for these patients to get rid of blood purification technic.

Since elevated creatinine level is one dangerous sign for kidney transplant, patients should take managements immediately to prevent severe complications.

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