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Life Expectancy of Creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Failure without Dialysis

2014-05-21 02:55

For a patient with creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Failure, what’s his life expectancy without dialysis? In this article, let’s talk about this question. For personalized advice, chat with our online doctor for free and professional help.

Actually, it is impossible to give an exact answer to the life expectancy of creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Failure no dialysis without knowing patient’s detailed disease information. Because it depends on many factors including patient’s age, residual renal function, co-existing health issues, adopted treatment, complications, and overall health state.

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In modern medical science, alternative option to dialysis has been developed to treat creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Failure naturally and significantly prolong patient’s life span. The treatment is called Blood Pollution Therapy.

Blood Pollution Therapy is a featured therapy in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. As a holistic approach, it can treat kidney disorder fundamentally from the root cause. The whole treatment includes processes as below:

- With the help of the most advanced diagnostic equipments and immune special tests, we can get a precise diagnosis of patient’s disease condition;

- Combined therapies such as enema, cycle therapy, moxibustion, full bath therapy, and oral Chinese herb medicine are selectively used to remove blood stasis and provide a clean internal environment of the body.

- Natural remedies including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated bath can be used to repair the damaged kidneys and restore the overall renal function.

After the above three steps, creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Failure will be treated from the root cause. So patients can enjoy a fully, normal life with their own kidneys. Still have anything unclear? Feel free to let us know. Keep well!

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