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Does Frequency Urine will Cause Kidney Failure

2014-10-27 11:22

Does Frequency Urine will Cause Kidney FailureDoes frequency urine will cause kidney failure? According to the research, there are many factors can cause your urine times increase, such as drink lots of water in a short time. So if it occurred, you should find the root reasons before you take any decision.

Under normal condition, people will urinate 4-6 times at day time, 0-2 times at night, if your urination time is more than it, that may imply you have frequent urination, which is one of the symptoms not a disease itself, and can be induced by many reasons. The following are some common conditions, hoping they can help you to know clear about it.

If you want to go urine urgently, it may be caused by urinary tract infection. But if it occurred frequently in a long time, it may caused by other disease. The reasons may include high blood sugar level or Renal tubular enrichment function decline. Except those factors, it may be induced by kidney disease.

As we all know discharge urine is one of the important functions of kidney, so after it damaged the urination volume will goes abnormal. But that means all frequency urine is caused by kidney disease. But no matte what the underlying reasons of frequently urine is, you should take actions immediately to improve the condition, so as to avoid big disease.

Now you know that frequency urine will not induce Kidney Failure, but it can be one of the symptoms of it. So if it occurred, you should pay high attention to it. If you need any help in curing Kidney disease, you can contact our online doctor or leave messages to us, we will try our best to help you.

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