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Kidney Insufficiency May Cause The Poor Health Defence And Weakness

2018-09-03 10:22

When you have some disease you will always feel tired and fatigue,no energy to do something any more.At the same time the patients with kidney failure will have deficiency with nutrition and defence,that is caused by the poor kidney function which influence the immune system and gastric and intestine function.Then as a kidney doctor I will explain the root reason of this symptoms for you in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Opinion.

Health defence refers to the yang qi that guards against the body surface, and the nutrition is the material basis of sweat. Disharmony between Defence and Nutrition generally refers to the pathological aspect of spontaneous sweating of exterior syndrome. There are two kinds of exterior syndrome spontaneous perspiration: One is ” the weak Defence and strong Nutrition”. Due to the weakness of yang qi outside the guard, losing the ability of external fixation, sweat overflows itself, and the clinical manifestation is spontaneous perspiration when the body is not hot. The other is ” Defence strong and Nutrition is weak”, because yang qi is depressed on the muscle surface, it forces yin in the Nutrition and sweat comes out.

The clinical manifestations are when it is hot and spontaneous sweat, and no heat no sweat. The strong and the weak are only relative. The treatment method is to use Guizhi decoction to strengthen the body resistance and eliminate evils, and to harmonize yingwei. however, there should be a difference in the time of taking the medicine. If you sweat yourself when you have fever, you should take the medicine before you have fever: If there is no fever or spontaneous perspiration, the time for taking the medicine will be informal.

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