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Kidney Failure and Skin Rash

2013-12-16 16:19

Kidney Failure and Skin RashFor kidney failure patients, they often suffer from some obvious and serious symptoms, wich will affect the life quality of people. Among the symptoms, skin rash is a common symptom for kidney failure patients. And the skin rash often starts from the feet and then spreads to stomach, arms and ears. When patients have skin rash, they may have unbearable pruritus and ugly skin, which will make painful to patients on both psychological and physical. In this passage we will introduce the causes and treatment of skin rash for kidney failure patients.

What are the mainly causes of skin rash in kidney failure patients?

There are 3 mainly conditions that may cause skin rash for kidney failure patients.

1. High phosphorus level

When the kidney function is severely damaged, the excess phosphorus cannot be removed by the impaired kidney function, which will cause high phosphorus level. Then patients may experience skin rash.

2. Uremic toxins accumulation

As we know, kidneys have the function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood. However, when the kidneys get damaged, they will fail to work well. And the toxins and wastes in blood will accumulate in body. The uremic toxins in body will cause skin rash or itching.

3. Primary cause

There are some primary causes of skin rash which is caused by the certain kidney diseases such as lupus or some other immune diseases. Skin rash is often a common symptom in these diseases.

How to treat skin rash for kidney failure patients?

From above we can find the main causes of skin rash, however, the basic or root cause of skin rash is the reduced kidney function and abnormal immune system. Therefore, if patients want to remedy their skin rash, they should have treatment on both improving the kidney function and regulate the immune system.

Here we recommend immunotherapy, which can reach the two purposes for kidney failure patients. The immunotherapy use both Chinese medicines and western medicines, and through six steps, this therapy can remit the symptoms and clear the wastes in blood. There are some Chinese herbal medicines have the function of repairing the damaged kidney tissues and kidney cells, and protect the residual kidney function, which will improve the kidney function and regulate the immune system.

Besides, kidney failure patients with skin rash should also take care of themselves in their daily life, such as don’t stretch the rash, in order to prevent the infection and avoid spicy and greasy foods. All these will helpful for the treatment of their skin rash. If you want to get more information, you can ask our experts free online.

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