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Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Low Grade Fever

2014-01-02 02:21

Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Low Grade FeverWhy kidney failure patients have low grade fever? For some kidney failure patients, they may have the symptom of low grade fever, which will make them more weakness. In fact, kidney failure will not cause low grade fever directly. But for kidney failure patients, they are easily to cause infections, which will make them easily have fever.

Kidney failure is mainly caused by acute kidney problem or chronic kidney disease, which refer to the gradually reduced kidney function. There are some common causes that will make kidney failure patients to have infections which will cause low grade fever.

1. Low immunity

As we know, kidney disease can be caused by immune disorder and low immunity, which will make the surrounding bacterium and viruses attack the body and cause infections. For kidney failure, their immune system is poor, which will make them at high risk of infections, then they may get low grade fever.

2. Long-term use of immunosuppressive agents

As we know, more and more kidney diseases are caused by the inflammations in kidneys, when people have immune disorder or poor immune, the bacterium will invade the body, and the antibody will fight against them. The antibody will combined with the bad substances, which will produce immune complexes. When the immune complexes deposited in kidneys, it will cause inflammations in kidneys. So people will get kidney disease, and they are always recommended to take immunosuppressive agents to control the inflammations in kidneys. But the long term use of immunosuppressive agents will impair the immune system, which will also infections.

3. A large amount of proteinuria

For kidney failure patients, they often have the symptom of proteinuria, and the large amount of proteinuria will cause low immunity. Because there is various types of protein in our body, and the immune globulin has the function of fighting against the harmful substances to invade our body. However, the loss of protein will make the immune globulin leaking out, which will make patients live with poor immune, so patients will easily get infections and low grade fever.

Above are the common causes of low grade fever, which is mainly caused by poor immunity, so kidney failure patients should supply enough nutrition and improve their immune system, which will make them get rid of infections.

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