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Why does Kidney Failure Patient Have Bad Tastes in Mouth

2014-01-15 07:30

Why does Kidney Failure Patient Have Bad Tastes in MouthFor kidney failure patients, they may often have bad tastes in their mouths, which will affect their daily life and cause them loss of appetite. Some patients may call this bad taste as metabolic taste or describe the taste like drinking iron.

Then, why does kidney failure patients have bad tastes in mouth?

As we know, the normal kidney function can help discharge the wastes and toxins from body, which contain ures nitrogen, the end product of protein metabolism. Once people get kidney failure, the kidneys will fail to work, and the urea nitrogen will build up in blood, which will cause high blood urea nitrogen (BUN).

The bacterium, which stay in intestines and stomach, will break down, and produce ammonia. And the ammonia will stimulate mucosa, which will cause bad tastes in mouth. Therefore, kidney failure patients who will have bad taste in mouth is related to their high BUN.

How to remit the bad tastes in mouth for kidney failure patients?

The bad taste in mouth will make people loss of appetite, and cause bad breath, and even cause nausea and vomiting. So kidney failure patients should have effective methods to relieve their bad tastes in mouths.

- Pay attention to their oral hygiene. Kidney failure patients can brush their teeth and scrap their tongue regularly.

- Limit the protein intake. As urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, so kidney failure patients should limit their protein intake, which will help them reduce the high BUN level. Besides, a low - protein diet can also help reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function.

- Reduce the high BUN from root. As the bad tastes in mouth is caused by high BUN, and the high BUN is mainly caused by the reduced kidney function. So kidney failure patients should have effective treatment to remedy their kidney damage and improve their kidney function.

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