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My Kidney is Working at 8% with Lupus Nephritis How Long Do I Have

2014-06-20 07:18

My Kidney is Working at 8% with Lupus Nephritis How Long Do I Have“Hello, I am a Lupus Nephritis patient and my kidney is working at 8%. My doctor said I should undergo a dialysis but I do not want it. How long do I have? Please reply soon with your kind advice.”

Expert answer: How are you? Thanks for your consulting us. As you said, your kidney is working at 8% with Lupus Nephritis and you do not want to take dialysis. Given below is our analysis about your life expectancy. Hope it really helps for your reference.

Your current case is quite serious and most of your renal function has been lost. At this point, the kidneys are unable to work adequately to remove excess wastes and extra fluid. Toxins will build up within the body, causing severe symptoms and complications. Without dialysis, the disease will be life-threatening.

As you do not want to take dialysis, you are suggested to take alternative treatment to manage your disease and sustain life. Currently, the most advanced option with such curative effects is Blood Pollution Therapy. (Check Here to learn more detailed introduction) 

Blood Pollution Therapy is a systematic treatment, and the whole process includes three parts, named remove blood stasis by comprehensive blood purification therapies, supplement essential elements to the blood, protect and improve the overall renal function. Under this treatment, kidney disease will not aggravate in the future and patients’ quality of life can be significantly improved.

Whether your kidney is working at 8% with Lupus Nephritis is suitable to take Blood Pollution Therapy or not? You can Email us at to get free evaluation from our experts team. We will try our best to help you. Take care please!

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