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The Prognosis of Different Types of Lupus Nephritis

2013-09-06 18:08 In a few decades ago, it is easy for Lupus Nephritis to turn into end-stage kidney failure as there was no effective management for Lupus Nephritis. However, nowadays, with comprehensive management, Lupus Nephritis can be controlled well and patients’ prognosis can be improved greatly. Lupus Nephritis is divided into 5 types and here we will give an introduction about the prognosis of it in different stages.

The prognosis of mild lesion type ( typeⅠ)

Lupus Nephritis of this type usually causes no obvious discomforts, so it is not easy to be found in medicine. Compared with patients suffering from other types of Lupus Nephritis, patients with this type of Lupus Nephritis usually have a good prognosis.

The prognosis of mesangial pathotype ( typeⅡ)

The prognosis of typeⅡis good. If the pathological pattern does not change, with effective treatment, this type of Lupus Nephritis will not turn into kidney failure.

The prognosis of focal proliferative (type Ⅲ)

In type III Lupus Nephritis, lots of glomeruli have been damaged, but in this case, illness can be controlled well through some medical measures. The survival rate for patients with type Ⅲ Lupus Nephritis in five years of can reach 75.8%.

The prognosis of diffuse proliferation (type Ⅳ)

The survival rate of type IV Lupus Nephritis in five years of type Ⅳ has grown from 50% to 80%, and the rate in ten years is 60%. Of course, the survival rate is based on the right treatment.

The prognosis of membranous lesion (typeⅤ)

To be honest, the prognosis of type V Lupus Nephritis is not very good, but with right treatment, scientific diet and considerate nursing care, prognosis can be improved. (Contact our online-doctors to get more information about how to improve prognosis with type IV Lupus Nephritis)

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