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4th Stage Kidney Failure from Lupus Nephritis Life Expectancy

2014-05-04 09:04

Lupus Nephritis PrognosisWhen someone is diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis, the doctor usually provide a numerical stage number. Stage 1 is generally considered to be an early stage. Hence, 4th Stage Kidney Failure from lupus is just the opposite, normally describing kidney disease that are rather progressed. Therefore, this disorder is conjunction with anticipated life expectancy questions. Have a question? Chat with our online doctor for free and professional advice.

4th Stage Kidney Failure from Lupus Nephritis is a quite severe condition. At this point, patients have only 15%-29% of kidney function left. Severe loss of renal capacity may lead to symptoms including swelling, high blood pressure, urine protein, fatigue, itchy skin, etc. Left untreated, the disease develop into final stage of kidney disease over time.

To provide an exact answer about patient’s life expectancy, it is necessary to know about her or his detailed illness situation such as patient’s age, medical history, current treatment, complications, and overall health condition. To get a definite answer, you can Email us at with the details. Our kidney doctor will analyze it and reply you soon within 24 hours.

The good news is that patients with 4th Stage Kidney Failure from Lupus Nephritis have great hope to live a normal, long life on condition that they can adopt systematic treatment in time to prevent the disease’s further deterioration or even reverse the kidney damage. So far, the latest treatment with such curative effects is Blood Pollution Therapy. If you are interested to learn more detailed introduction, please check Here. In case you still have anything unclear, please leave a message in the below. We are glad to share free help!

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