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Is Linoleic Acid Bad For Your Kidneys

2014-01-09 03:18

Is Linoleic Acid Bad For Your KidneysLinoleic acid is a fatty acid, which mainly exists in plant oil. While patients with kidney disease always have strict restriction in his diet, and they may want to know whether linoleic acid is bad for their kidney condition?

Is linoleic acid bad for our kidney?

In fact, linoleic acid is a fatty acid that can not been compounded by our body, or the compounded amount is far less than our body need, and it is a recognized essential fatty acid for our body, which plays an important role in our body function. Thereby, it is needed by our body, but not bad for our kidney.

Is linoleic acid bad for patient with kidney disease?

As we have said, linoleic acid plays an important role in regulating our body function, and that is because it is important for our cardiovascular health. And this function of linoleic acid is especially important for patient with kidney disease.

On one hand, cholesterol needs to combine with linoleic acid before it can normally work and metabolize in our body. And if there is the shortage of linoleic acid, cholesterol will combine with saturated fatty acid, and that can cause patient to have metabolic disorder, which will accumulate in the wall of blood vessel, and that will cause atherosclerosis gradually. While atherosclerosis often causes patient to have cardiovascular diseases if it has not been well controlled.

In fact, linoleic acid basically do not take any disadvantage to our health. Thereby, it is a substance that is important for our health, so it is to patient with kidney disease.

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