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Could the Kidney Problem of My Dad Is Caused by Infection or Antibiotic

2017-12-25 13:54

Could the Kidney Problem of My Dad Is Caused by Infection or AntibioticMy Dad was taken into hospital two weeks ago with an infection.They then said they were worried about his kidney function and started him on dialysis. His creatinine levels were rising. Previously he did not have a kidney problem. Can an infection create this? Or could it be the antibiotic he had for the infection?

Hello. I have received your message. Both infection and antibiotic can lead to kidney damage, or even kidney failure. To be honest, most of antibiotic have the renal toxins which will injure the renal cells and tissues fast. As for infection, it will lead to more redundant and harmful immune products gathered in kidneys, and thus injure the kidney function.

You said he had started dialysis. Can I know what is his creatinine level before dialysis? Creatinine level is able to evaluate the kidney function at some points. Usually only when the creatinine is above 5mg/dl, could the patients begin dialysis. And, does he have any other diseases aside from kidney problem and infection?

As a matter of fact, he is in need of an systemic treatment to reverse his illness conditions. Such as:

Toxin-Removing Therapy, a new natural treatment to clean away all the poisonous depositions which should be eliminated from body by our kidneys effectively, can dispel certain discomforts, stop the kidney damage and enhance the effects of other treatments.

Immunotherapy are used to help strengthen immunity and thus protect the paitents from infections.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good option to repair the diseased but not died renal cells with none obvious side effects.

With the help of these treatments, his creatinine level will reduced naturally, dialysis can be stopped and he can live a better life. Besides, the comprehensive therapies must be applied based on his illness conditions, or else, his kidney may be worsened. Please send his medical reports to me, if you do not mind. I need to analyze it and give you more suggestions.

If you have any puzzles, welcome to contact me. I hope these message can be helpful for you.



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