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What are the Risk Factors of Nephrotic Syndrome for Children

2013-12-04 11:26

What are the Risk Factors of Nephrotic Syndrome for ChildrenWhat are the risk factors of nephrotic syndrome for children? As we know, nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease among children. And this disease is often caused by dysfunction of the kidney with a large amount of protein leaking into urine. Nephrotic syndrome is well-known as a easy cure but easy relapse disease. Then, for parents, they should know the risk factors of nephrotic syndrome for children and prevent these factors in daily life, which will make their children live a healthy life.

There are some  risk factors that can cause nephrotic syndrome for children.

- Certain infections

There are some certain infections that can easily cause nephrotic syndrome for children, such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis c, malaria, upper respiratory infection, skin infection and peritonitis. Then, parents should pay attention to these common infections in order to prevent the cause of nephrotic syndrome.

- Certain medications

The use of some medicines can increase the risk of getting nephrotic syndrome, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some other drugs used to fight infections.

- Some kinds of kidney disease

Some kinds of kidney disease can also cause nephrotic syndrome. The common kidney diseases are acute glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis, reflux nephropathy, FSGS and minimal change disease. If children have one of these kidney diseases mentioned above, they need to have early and effective treatment in order to prevent it from developing into nephrotic syndrome.

- Genetic gene factors

If someone in family who has nephrotic syndrome, the children may have a higher risk of getting nephrotic syndrome. So parents who have nephrotic or other heritable kidney disease, they should pay attention to their children’s health condition and have early detection.

- Electrolyte disturbance

If the children have the symptoms of low-sodium, low potassium, hypocalcemia and lack of other micro-elements, they may get nephrotic syndrome because of the electrolyte disturbance.

Above are the common risk factors of nephrotic syndrome for children, so parents should pay more attention to their children’s health. Effective prevention will make the children live a healthy life. Once children get nephrotic syndrome, parents need not to feel too worry about that. Early and effective treatment will help them get rid of this disease. If you want to get more information about nephrotic syndrome, you can e-mail to

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