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The Concept Of Nephritic Syndrome And Treatment For Patients

2018-12-06 09:38

As a kidney doctor i have treated many patients with nephritic syndrome,and some patients are confused to the concept of this disease,and i want to explain it to you as following,take a sample patient in hospital.

Q: Nephritic syndrome, 54 years old, I asked for my father who has a medical history of 2 years. Now the doctor told him to take medicine at home and can’t go to work. Then he was swollen all over. Then I just wanted to ask what doctor was treating the disease well. Can it be eradicated? Which hospital can we go to

A: The pathological diagnosis of Nephrotic syndrome is that glomerular capillary epithelial cells are damaged. The main causes of proteinuria in patients with nephrotic syndrome are: Due to its own immune deficiency, the mucosal infection continues to act under the glomerulus for a long time, destroying the self-regulation function in the glomerulus, forming a large number of immune complexes circulating in the blood to deposit glomeruli, promoting local microcirculation disturbance in the glomerulus, damaging intrinsic cells in the kidney, causing normal physiological structure damage in the kidney and initiating renal fibrosis. At present, the key to the treatment of the disease is to take medicine according to the cause of kidney injury and clean up the immune complex in blood and kidney to repair the kidney.

Because of the different theories of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, they are also different in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Western medicine usually diagnoses a disease according to its clinical characteristics and physical and chemical examination. Once the diagnosis is made clear, the treatment principles and methods of nephrotic syndrome are basically the same, while traditional Chinese medicine draws a ” syndrome” according to the specific patient’s performance, which is different from western medicine’s. A western medicine’s disease can have multiple syndromes and different syndromes, and the treatment methods of nephrotic syndrome are different, that is, ” treating the same disease differently”; Different diseases can also have the same symptoms, that is, ” treating different diseases with the same symptoms”, and the basic treatment methods and prescriptions are the same, reflecting their ” commonness”. At the same time, due to the differences of each patient’s physical factors, mental state, age, sex, and even eating habits, prescription medication has changed, with a certain degree of flexibility, reflecting the ” individuality” of the specific patient’s medication. Generally speaking, the basic characteristic of treating nephropathy in TCM is syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Everyone should know that kidney damage is mainly an immune complex. After escaping from the clearance of mononuclear phagocyte system, it stays in the kidney with blood circulation, activating the related mediator system and causing glomerular damage. Therefore, in the treatment, the first thing is to remove these pathological products. In removing these immune complexes, traditional Chinese medicine has special advantages. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine are macromolecules of some organic substances, which carry many active groups and can adhere to the immune complexes in the blood. Through promoting blood circulation and promoting urination, these immune complexes are discharged to the outside of the body. This effect of traditional Chinese medicine is incomparable to that of western medicine.

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