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How to Treat Protein Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

2017-08-27 16:07

How to Treat Protein Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsWhen the protein is more than 150mg/24h in urine, the medical situation is called protein urine. Usually, the nephrotic syndrome patients will have the incurable protein urine or the relapse of protein urine. While, how to treat protein urine for nephrotic syndrome patients?

Sometimes, ARB or ACEI will be used to reduce the protein urine. However, the protein urine will come back easily. For the serious nephrotic syndrome patients, dialysis may be applied to dispel protein in urine, though it can lead to so much sufferings. Whereas, only by curing the root causes, can protein urine be healed.

And then, what is the pathogeny of protein urine?

Generally speaking, when there are many inflammations in the kidney, the kidney can not hold its function well, so, the protein will be leaked into urine.

Thereby, how to treat the injured kidney?

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy can take a good effect on rebuilding the kidney function. It mixtures the herbs from nature to help the patients dislodge the toxins and promote the kidney to renew spontaneously.

Foot Bath Therapy is to immerse the patients’ feet into the warm water with essence extracted from Chinese medicines. Later, the blood circulation is accurately, and the unwanted things will be excluded from body. It is a very safe, effection and handy treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients.

Toxin-Removing Therapy which is considered as the basis of the comprehension treatment is intended to sweep all toxins and wastes away from body totally. It is able to protect the kidney from injuring and alleviate the symptoms like protein urine well. Furthermore, other treatments, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy and Foot Bath Therapy, for an example, can do their best to treat the kidney.

When the kidney is restored, the protein urine will be managed, the nephrotic syndrome patients can live a high quality life and the dialysis can be avoided.

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