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Creatinine 5.3 and Nephrotic Syndrome, How to Dispel Edema in Legs

2017-09-24 15:22

Creatinine 5.3 and Nephrotic Syndrome, How to Dispel Edema in LegsEdema in legs will make the patients go through the pain in legs, difficulty walking and others discomforts. What is more, it is very easy for the edema to reoccur over and over again. So that, the patients are eager to cast off edema. In this case, how to dispel edema in legs for the patients with creatinine 5.3 and nephrotic syndrome?

Firstly, let’s go to discuss how edema appears.

In the situation of nephrotic syndrome, the creatinine 5.3 shows the kidney is damaged so badly that various toxins and wastes are built up into our body. Consequently, the redundant water what should be clear away by the kidneys are accumulated in the legs, the patients will suffer from edema in legs. However, no matter what treatments the patients experience, as long as they do not recover the kidney function, the excessive fluid will be retained bit by bit, and thus the edema will come out once again.

Therefore, what is the treatment to reduce edema and prevent its relapse?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toxin-Removing Therapy will be applied to help the patients relieve the edema in legs as well as lower the creatinine 5.3. In practice, it can also help the patients drive out the unwanted thing naturally, cease the damage to the kidney cells and tissues, alleviate other symptoms and offer an advance environment for the kidney to be treated well.

There, the patients will also receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy and Immunotherapy to promote the kidney to repair by providing enough blood, oxygen and nutrients for the kidneys and enhancing the kidney self-healing ability. As all the herbs used in these treatments are picked up according to the patients’ illness conditions, and they come from nature, less side effects will arise in the patients.

When the kidney is revived, the edema in legs will be disappeared, the creatinine 5.3 will be reduced and the nephrotic syndrome patients can live a relatively normal life.

If you have any puzzles about the treatments to edema in legs for the patients with nephrotic syndrome and creatinine 5.3, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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