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What Is The Complications of The Gout

2018-07-27 09:06

Now more and more persons have gotten gout for the improved life quality. And with the condition progressing their kidney function has been damaged and they are suffering from it painfully very much, as a doctor i want to show more complications for all gout patients and take good care of yourself to avoid the deterioration of condition.

1. hyperuricemia nephropathy uric acid nephrolithiasis can occur in 10% to 25% of gout patients. Some patients even see uric acid nephrolithiasis as the first symptom. Small sediment-like stones are easily excreted in the urine, patients can have no symptoms, and larger stones often cause renal colic and hematuria. Patients with urinary tract infections may have urinary tract irritation or low back pain such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.

2. Gouty nephropathy early manifestations of intermittent proteinuria+. The general course of disease progresses slowly. As the disease progresses, proteinuria gradually become persistence, and the function of kidney concentration is impaired, with nocturia and isotonic urine.

3. Acute Renal failure. A large amount of urate crystals are blocked in the renal tubules, renal pelvis and ureter, causing urinary tract obstruction, resulting in sudden oliguria or even no urine. If left untreated, it can rapidly develop into acute renal failure and even cause death.

4. Ischemic heart disease: The so-called ischemic heart disease refers to the coronary artery hardening or obstruction that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle, so that the circulation of blood is hindered, thus causing chest pain and myocardial necrosis.

5. Kidney stones: According to statistics, the probability of kidney stones in gout patients is about a thousand times that of normal people.

6. Obesity: Due to the rapid economic growth and aBUNdant food in China, there are more and more obese people. Obesity makes uric acid synthesis hyperactive, so obese people should lose weight.

7. Hyperlipidemia: People with gout are more likely to overeating and have more obesity, so there are many hyperlipidemias, which are closely related to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. ..

So as a gout patient you must accept the reasonable treatment positively in time and take care of your daily life ,now more and more patients are beneficial from the natural treatment which has been researched for many years by the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,if you have any questions please contact us through the following message:

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