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The Symptoms Of Hematuria and Reasonable Treatment For It

2018-08-14 10:40

To most kidney disease patient in the routine urine test they often find blood and protein in urine,why do these symptoms occur? For the damaged kidney cells and poor renal function,that is caused by the damage of kidney.Refers to the discharge of blood from an early age, resulting in reddish urine, bright red, red, or even blood clots.

Bladder damp-heat urine blood: Urine is short and astringent with blood, bright red or dark red in color, or even mixed with blood clots, accompanied by pricking pain or burning sensation in the urethra, little abdominal distension, fever, bitter mouth and dry throat, red tongue, thin yellow coating or thin greasy coating. Rapid pulse.

Damp-heat in liver and gallbladder causing urinate blood: The urine is short and red with blood. It also shows fever, bitter taste, thirst for not drinking, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, hypochondriac pain, or yellow eyes, red tongue border, yellow and greasy fur, and wiry pulse.

Hyperactive heart fire causing urine blood: Blood in urine was deeply red with burning sensation, the face is red and throat is dry, white tongue with sore, there is thirsty for cold drink, in the heart is hot, restless at night, the tongue is red and purple, fur is yellow, and the pulse is rapid.

Kidney yin deficiency causing urine blood: Blood in urine is bright red, with dizziness and tinnitus, dry throat, red cheeks and night sweat, hot feeling like steaming from the inside, listlessness and insomnia, dry stool, red tongue with little fur, and thready pulse.

Deficiency of spleen and kidney causing urine blood: Blood in urine is reddish with sallow complexion, tired limbs, short breath and fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, reduced loose stool, weak waist and legs, thin and white tongue coating, and slow pulse.

Then according to the analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine the patients with above symptoms must accept the reasonable treatment in time to strengthen their immunity and repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function,then the hematuria will disappear naturally,if you want to know more detailed information of Natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,please contact us through following:


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