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Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital Make a Remote Consultation for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient

2015-11-17 13:48

“See my legs, they were badly swollen, then i even cannot walk, so i always sit in the wheelchair. But now, i can stand in front of you to communicate with you. You know what ? I even can run for a short while. ” Mackaye told reporters with a smile before discharging from the hospital.

Recently, the doctors from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital and Oriental Green Hospital made a remote consultation for Mackaye, who is a 70 years old Diabetic Nephropathy patient.

Mackaye has a history of diabetic Nephropathy for 12 years, he also suffered from many complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease. To stable his disease and maintain life, he has to depend on medicines and dialysis all this time.

Shortly before coming here, the local doctor told him that he, at most, has two years life span. With the infinite love of life and the admiration of TCM, Mackaye accompanied by his daughter came to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

“Before coming to China, my father has been on treatment, he has to take dialysis 3 times/week.” Mackaye’s daughter told our reporter, “Father's attitude has been very good, although dialysis just can alleviate the progression of his disease, but he never thought to give up. He loves the life and always told me that he still has lots of things to do, and the disease make him to cherish every day.” Until the doctor told him that he just has two years span, that really destroyed him, but later he thought of Chinese Medicine that brought new hope for him.

“After came here, the doctors organized a tele-consultation for my father, together with the experts from Beijing and Shanghai they made a treatment plan for him. In the hospital, we verify the magic of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs. The swollen on my Dad’s legs has fade away, his disease to turn for the better and he is getting rid of dialysis gradually.” Mackaye’s daughter told the reporter, “a few days ago, Dad passed the curative effect evaluation of hospital and the doctor told us that he can discharged from hospital now. But my father he wants to consolidate the curative effect, after we expressed our ideas, the doctor arranged this consultation for him so as to make a better consolidation treatment. This thoughtful action really moves us.”

Through the video, the kidney disease experts inquired Mackaye’s condition, shared his medical record, checked all the test date and then analyzed all the inspection indexes one by one. After that they worked together made a detailed consolidation treatment and diet plan. All this consultation procedure spend more than an hour.

Jiang Yinghui-The Vice President of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, tells our reporter that Mackaye has suffered very serious disease when he came here, though not to the point of uremia, but lots of proteinuria has appeared. The combined using of Remove blood toxin and immune inflammatory blocking technology get his disease under control. After this consultation, they will add more targeted characteristics of traditional Chinese medicines for further consolidation.

“I am very grateful to the medical workers, they bring hope back to me. I know this decision, to come here, is a right decision. ” Mackaye said.

“If diabetic cannot control their blood glucose well, lacking of Insulin hyposecretion in a long time will damage renal arteriole and affect the microcirculation, thus lead to kidney ischemia hypoxia and endothelium damage and induce to diabetic nephropthy--the most common complication of diabetes.”

In general, one-third patient with diabetes 10-20 years will be in great risk of getting Diabetic Nephropathy. So doctor Jiangyinghui remind the diabetic to keep a low-salt, low-protein, low cholesterol and low-fat diet to control blood sugar level. Meanwhile, as a diabetic, you should not ignore the screening of kidney disease, which is helpful for you to prevent kidney disease in advance.

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