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Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital Bring Me the Hope of Recovery

2015-12-07 14:58

“I seen the hope of recovery in here” Kimmy said with a big smile on her face. She is a lovely girl from Zimbabwe, she has been talking about the lives in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital from the moment she seen us.

She told us that the nurses here just like her family member, they always smile to her and they not only teach her to learn simple Chinese characters but also cook the food for her. “No matter what kind of food i want to eat, the nurses will try their best to do it. They taking care of me just like their own kid.” little Kimmy said with exciting voice. “See my face, it is fatter than before. You even can call me big fat.”

After she calm down, she lead us into her ward. “See, there are just two beds here, one is mine, the other is my father’s, no one can disturb us if i want to have a short rest.” “look at here, this is the washing room, it is really convenient, i need not to go out if i want to wash something. And i need not worry about the sanitation problem, because the nurses will come here and clean it for us.” Our reporter came into that washing room followed her, and we see that it is really tidy just like our own home.

After the simple introduction of her ward, she sit onto her bed and looked at us straightly. We thought she was tired, so nod to her and asked if she need a rest. But she refused and said“before i came here i am easy to get tired, but now i don’t know what is tired, and now i am ready to tell you some serious things about my life.” she said with serious look. “You know what? I have seen the hope of recovery! You don’t believe that? Even myself don’t believe that. It is this hospital and the doctors here give me this hope. They made me a treatment plan and they will come here and see me several time each day. And each time they will bring me different surprise. Last night, i just got a fever, i thought my disease will loose control, so i cried. But my doctor he gave me the hope by his action. He stayed with me all night, i know he is more worried than me. And each time i opened my eyes i can see him sit there and watched me with smile. That really gave me courage to fight with the fever, and now you see i am alive again.”

Looking at her smile face, we can feel how happy she is! We really hope that this little girl can get recover sooner.

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