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"Chinese Mother" Help A Kidney Failure Girl from Mauritius Find the Hope of Life

2015-12-14 14:44

“I am alive again” TAKUN said loudly with a big smile on her face. She is a lovely girl from Mauritius, in her age she should live happily in the school yard. But due to the serious symptoms caused by kidney failure, she has to stay at hospital or home. She lived like this for several years that really bothered her a lot.

“But now, the life is easier, you see, ” TAKUN said with her big eyes looked into mine, “it won’t be too long before i back to school. My mother told me that i need not to take dialysis any more.” “oh, that will be great” i said gently. “but where is your mother ? I even didn’t seen her since i came here.” “didn’t you ? Here, you see she is my mother. And look at there, she is also my mother.” she pointed to the nurses near to us. “they are the nurses not your mother, i mean where is your mother? ” “they are my mother, all of them are my mother. They give me another chance to live so they are my mother. They give me a new life, just like my mother!” she said repeatedly. “Ok, i know now, all of them are your mother. They treat you just like you are their own baby girl. ” “yes, that’s it!” she replied me loudly.

“All of them are my mother”, i never thought a patient will call the nursers mother, but this is a real story just in front of me, i have to believe it. From this moment i know that love can between in any people as long as they want to devote their heart to other people.

From that moment, i know that the best treatment should not be the single treatment it should be the good treatment plus the good heart, only you meet these two aspects at the same time you can be a real good doctor, you can bring hope to the patient, you can be called “mother” by the patient.

If you are a doctor try your best to be such a good doctor! If you are a patient just to find such a doctor, then you will find your life again.

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