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Gabriel, 46 Years Old, Nephritis & ESRD on Dialysis from Nigeria

2014-06-28 02:58

Gabriel, 46 Years Old, Nephritis & ESRD on Dialysis from NigeriaThis article introduces of a 46-year-old Nephritis and ESRD on dialysis patient who came to China for the second time to get Chinese medicine treatment. Read on to know more.

Name: Gabriel

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Country: Nigeria

Diagnosis: Nephritis, ESRD, renal anemia.

Hospitalization duration: May 19th, 2014 - 15th June, 2014

Why Come to China:

Gabriel has been on dialysis three times a week for one year with diagnosis of Nephritis and ESRD. Under this symptomatic therapy, his condition deteriorated over time. With symptoms of difficulty breathing, he could not sleep well.

There is no better treatment in his place, so he decided to come to China to get comprehensive Chinese medicine treatment.

Treatment in China: Blood Purification (hemofiltration, hemoperfusion), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, enema, and foot bath.

Conditions before and after treatment:

After less than one month’s hospitalization, Gabriel’s frequency of dialysis was reduced to 2 times per week. His problems including breath problem and loss of appetite were eliminated. Tests result before and after the treatment showed as below:

  SCr BP Hemoglobin UA
Before 800umol/L 160/110mmHg 56g/L 468
After 500umol/L 130/80mmHg 88g/L 410

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