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Diabetes and Kidney Disease with High Blood Pressure 23 Years Can It be Controlled Well

2015-02-19 14:05

Diabetes and Kidney Disease with High Blood Pressure 23 Years Can It be Controlled WellDiabetes and kidney disease with high blood pressure 23 years can it be controlled well ? Actually, yes, if you can get proper treatment timely. The following real story will tell you more about it.

Patient name: HENGKY ARIFIN

Age: 56

Gender: male


Marital Status: married

He has been suffering from Diabetes 20 years and high blood 23 years. 4 years ago his creatinine level went high. In his local hospital there is no good treatment to control his disease, so he came to China on August 11, 2014 to seek for further treatment. After 28 days treatment his disease goes steady, so he back to his hometown with some home remedies to consolidate the curative effect.

Before he admitted in to our hospital, he had swelling in both of the lower limbs and he even can not walk by himself. His blood pressure high up to 160/100mmHg,blood sugar level up to 8.5mmol/L and the serum creatinine level 306umol/L, protein2+. According to his condition, our doctor make a treatment plan and diet plan for him.

Treatment plan: Give him some medicines to decrease the high levels of blood pressure and blood sugar. Then give him Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is one of the unique therapies of our hospital and has good effect in treating kidney disease. It can improve the kidney function by promote the circulate of blood and repair the damaged kidneys. In addition, it also can protect the kidneys and other organs from further damage.

Diet plan: low-salt, low-fat,high-quality protein and low purine

After 28 days treatment, those symptoms caused by kidney disease such as swelling in limbs and protein2+ have disappeared. The test shows the blood pressure downs to 120/80, blood sugar level downs to 4.6mmol/L, serum creatinine downs to 203umol/L.

I know if he can insist home remedies and keep healthy living habit and diet, he will has a quality life and live longer with his disease.

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