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Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Get His Disease Under Control

2015-10-25 16:45

Chinese Medicines Help Uremia Patient Get His Disease Under ControlPatient Name: ZIBIDI

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Marital Status: Single

ZIBIDI is a Uremia patient from Tunisia, on August 15, 2015, he arrived at our hospital for further treatment. Before coming here, he has suffered from swelling on lower limbs 3 years, high creatinine level 2 years.

Routine tests shows: the pressure of 130 / 90mmHg, the number of heart beats 100 beats / min; red blood cells of 4,05 × 1012 / L, hemoglobin 109g / L. regular urine: glucose -, protein 2+, occult blood 2+, urea nitrogen 16.8mmol / L, serum creatinine 1023umol / L, uric acid 421umol / LV . Except that the patient had difficult in breathing.

As a kidney failure patient his creatinine is so high that indicate his disease is very seriously(has progressed into end-stage renal failure, that is uremia). Although the patient is in a serious situation, but our doctors have a wealth of experience can give the most appropriate treatment for the patient. After analyzed, out doctor made a treatment plan for him, which included Osmotherapy Micro-Chinese medicine therapy foot bath therapy enema, bath Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other treatments.

After a period of careful treatment, the patient’s condition get improved greatly. He can sleep well with no breathing difficulties. Moreover, his urine amount increases from 300 ml to 500-600 ml, the other significantly improved outcomes includes: hemoglobin 112 g / l, total carbon dioxide 8.1mmol / l; creatinine 769umol / l, protein 1+, occult blood 2+ .

Patients and their families are very satisfied with the effect of treatment in our hospital, as a doctor i also feel very happy. If you also want to get a good diagnosis of Uremia, you can send your detailed disease condition to us by email. After analyzed, we will reply you with the better advices as soon as possible.

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