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Four One Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Control Diabetic Nephropathy and Uremia Effectively

2015-11-18 16:46

Four One Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Control Diabetic Nephropathy and Uremia EffectivelyCHANDRA is a 59 years old male from India, he suffered from diabetic nephropatny, uremia and many other symptoms at the same time. In order to seek further treatment, he came to our hospital on October,24,2015. The Following are some detailed information about him, let us have a look together.

Patient Name: CHANDRA

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Nationality: India

Disease condition before treatment:

He cannot stand on his own feet, so need to seek help from wheelchair

Bad eyesight, cannot see things clear

Bad smell in mouth, just as ammoniacal odour

Always feel weakness

There are signs of urinary incontinence

According to his own condition, our doctor made a treatment plan for him, which is consisted by Four One Chinese Traditional Medicine, with the help of those treatments his disease goes well gradually, all the symptoms got relieved greatly, especially the serum creatinine level, it decreased from 921umol/L to 672umol/L


The four one Traditional Chinese Medicines are Hot Compress Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and Maikang Composition, each of them has their own features in treating kidney disease. Cooperated with each other, they can delay or reverse the progression of kidney disease by improving the kidney function.

For patients with diabetic nephropathy and uremia they can get a chance to avoid dialysis and renal transplant.

After treatment:

All those symptoms and complication got relieved greatly, he can walk by his own feet just like a normal person.

The bad smell in his month disappeared

Weak feeling disappeared, his energy come back again

His eyesight turns to good, he can see things clear without glasses

The signs of urinary incontinence disappeared, he can control urination again.

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