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Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Failure Patient with Atrophy kidneys Live a Better Life

2015-12-15 15:48

Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Failure Patient with Atrophy kidneys Live a Better LifeASIRI is a 28 years old man from Saudi Arabia, due to 8 years of continuous increasing of serum creatinine and 10 years of joint pain he came to our hospital for further treatment on 2ed,Nov,2015.

Disease conditions before treatment:

Blood pressure: 150/100mmHg

Hemoglobin: 128g/L

Protein: 2+

Occult blood: +-

total carbon dioxide: 15.4mmol/L

Phosphorus: 1.93mmol/L

BUN: 25.4mmol/L

Serum Creatinine: 446umol/L

UA: 695umol/L

Besides that both of his kidneys went to atrophy.

Diagnosed as:

Kidney Failure, Primary Hyperuricemia, Gouty Arthritis, Renal Hypertension, metabolic acidosis


According to his disease condition our doctor made a treatment plan for him,, which is Hot Compress Therapy(2times/day), Foot Bath Therapy(2times/day), Enema Therapy(2times/day), Oral Chinese Medicine(2times/day), Maikang Composition(2times/day).

Besides that our doctor also prescribed him some Western Medicines to discharge some toxins and correct the acidosis.

Disease condition after treatment:

Blood pressure: 110/80mmHg

Protein: -

Occult blood: -

total carbon dioxide: 21.3

Hemoglobin: 124

BUN: 13.4mmol/L

Serum Creatinine: 300umol/L

UA: 204umol/L

As a doctor i am so glad to see his disease condition turns to good, i hope that he can have a bright further instead of living in desperation.

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