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Say Goodbye to Dialysis

2013-10-18 14:42

Can we get off dialysis? I believe all the kidney failure patients concern about this question, as it decides the future of life. Dialysis is helpful, but torturous. Also, patients’ survival rate decreases over time once they start dialysis. Therefore, avoiding or getting dialysis becomes the biggest wish of patients suffering from kidney failure. Well, is it possible for one to get off dialysis? As for this question, I’d like to say “Yes! It is possible for a kidney failure patient to say goodbye to dialysis”. And here there is a real example!

Tima Kaeryo is a CKD stage 5 patient who comes from Papua New Guinea. Before coming to China for treatment, he was told dialysis and kidney transplant are the last two options by doctors in local hospital and Singapore. However, he came across the problem of finding a matched kidney, so dialysis becomes the only chance form him to keep alive. Afterwards, during a chance, he heard about Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital where provide various treating methods like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath, acupuncture, enema and blood purification. Under the effects of these treatments, his creatinine dropped to 114 from 1142 within 20 days and urine output was increased to 2000 ml. What an amazing treatment effect!

As toxins and wastes in the blood are removed successfully, Tima fells better, for example, his appetite is improved, and he can work around and get up without help. What is more, he does not need dialysis any more.

Tima Kaeryo is just one of the most ordinary patients of CKD stage 5 (End Stage Renal Failure). He can get off dialysis successfully as he is brave enough to take steps to receive new treatments and he is brave enough to believe he can get off dialysis. Kidney failure is deadly and has become one of the leading causes of death of us. Therefore, we need to stand together to fight against it. Do not give up any hope and strengthen our belief that we can beat it finally.

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