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Patients with CKD Share The Therapeutic Effects of Chinese Medicines

2013-11-18 13:55

So many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease comes from various countries to China, in order to treat their kidney disease and improve their overall healthy condition. To their exciting, they not only get obvious therapeutic effects and careful nursing care here but also feel at home.

Today is a special day for patients, doctors and nursers, because some kidney patients share their experience and therapeutic effects in this day. Firstly, Tima who has been the star of our hospital said Chinese medicines make it possible for him to say bye bye for dialysis. Now, uncle Tima can take care of himself very well and live just like general population. From his big smile, we can know uncle Tima is very happy. Then, several patients and their family members also share their cases and life in China.

Finally, to make our patients enjoy foods better, doctors and nurses prepare some songs and dance in a round. How excited all patients and their relatives in this moment! We really hope all of them as well as other kidney patients can get better in the near future and recover just like uncle Tima.

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