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Choose the Right Treatment and You Need Not Worry About Your PKD Any More

2016-04-25 15:24

Only after 3 days treatment, his disease got relieved greatly, so he need not worry about his disease any more. Do you know who he is? And what kind of kidney disease he is suffering? Follow us to see some details about his disease and the treatment he relieved in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

He is a PKD patient from Bahrain, when he was at home, the cysts in right kidney ruptured, which lead to serious blood in urine. Even after 10 days his doctor's treatment in local place, the blood urine still cannot be stopped, even more serious. Then he and his family member decided to change another way to treat his disease, so they choose our hospital. After he came to our hospital, our PKD experts and professors give a full consultation for him, then make treatment scheme together for him. 2 days later, the color of his blood urine turns better, then 3 days later, nearly all of the blood disappear, the red color turns to be normal light yellow color now. You can see the pictures in the following.

These are only 3 days' treatment effect, all of his family feel very happy to see this great improvement. We believe with the next days' treatment, his condition will be better. He said to come to our hospital is a right decision.

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