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Hot Compress Therapy Reduces the Creatinine Level to 400

2016-04-27 15:33

This story is about a 58 years old man whose creatinine level has been reduced to 400 from 800 with the help of Hot Compress Therapy in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

Here I can tell you something about his general condition. The patient is male, 58 years old. His primary disease is the Chronic Glomerular Nephritis, then without effective treatment, his condition developed into renal failure, the kidneys shrunk to 7cm( length), he had done the dialysis for about 2 years before coming here. When done the dialysis at home, his serum creatinine level was about 800 umol/L, dialysis 3 times a week, urine volume in 24h is just 500-800 ml, what’s more, he also suffered anemia, high blood pressure, left atrial ventricular hypertrophy etc. Last summer he came to our hospital, after staying here for about 1 month, he took Hot Compress Therapy home for consolidating treatment. 5 months later( this March), he came to our hospital again for return visit, at present, he does the dialysis reduced to 2 times a week, his creatinine has reduced to about 400 umol/L, blood perfusion has been improved a lot. He said he will continue the treatment, and several moths later he will tell us more good news.

In the following i will share you his test reports, hope it can help you know his disease condition well.

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