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High Creatinine Level Downs from 1254umol/L to 507umol/L

2016-05-10 15:02

In order to save the transplant kidney he came to our hospital on February 19th,2014, after 25 days treatment, his overall condition got improved greatly, the high creatinine level downs from 1254umol/L to 507umol/L.

His name is MADI, a young boy from KZ(Kazakhstan), who is just 22 years old but had suffered from kidney failure 13 years. 7 years ago he accepted the transplant surgery, just want to live longer and better. To his disappointment, the transplanted kidney went to failure again.

After he admitted into our hospital, we done a series test for him, the test shown that his serum creatinine 1254umol/L, BUN 27.7mmol/L,UA350UMOL/l, protein2+, occult blood1+

According to the test result our doctor diagnosed him as: chronic glomerulonephritis, post renal transplant, kidney failure(Uremia), renal anemia, renal hypertension, metabolic acidosis

According to his disease condition our doctor made a Treatment Plan for him:

Regular hemodialysis, 3times/week, 4h/time

Hot Compress Therapy, Enema Therapy (to promote blood circulation in kidneys, dispel toxins to protect kidney function)

And other Western Medicines to relieve all those symptoms caused by the failed transplanted kidney.

Disease condition after treatment:

BUN 12.7, UA 179, Serum Creatinine 507, protein-, occult blood-

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