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10 Years Proteinurine in Kidney Failure Disappeared

2016-05-18 09:32

10 years proteinurine has disappeared, it is really a good news for FAHAD who is a 32 years young boy from India, before coming here he had taken hemodialysis 6 months but has no obvious effect. The following are some details about his condition.

Disease history:

10 years ago, blood pressure 110/80

Protein 2+, occult blood +, creatinine 80, UA320

3 years ago, cold leaded to lower extremities edema, blood pressure 150/100, Hemoglobin 110g/L, protein 3+, occult blood+, creatinine 250, UA 450, after treatment, blood pressure back to normal level, edema disappeared

6 months ago, blood pressure 180/110, hemoglobin 115, protein 2+, occult blood+, creatinine 1447, UA 450, then began to take dialysis, 3times/week, 3.5h/time. The urine volume decreases from then on. And now his urine volume downs to 100ml/24h.

Tests in our hospital shown:

Blood pressure130/80mmHg, Hemoglobin 119g/L, red blood cell count 3.74*1012/L, Serum creatinine 1377umol/L, BUN 22.3mmol/L, UA 477umol/L

Diagnosed as:

Chronic glomerular nephritis, chronic kidney failure(Uremia), renal hypertension, renal anemia,

Metabolic acidosis, hyperlipemia


Regular blood purification 3times/week, 4h/time

Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Maikang Mixture

After 41 days treatment, the proteinurine disappeared and his overall condition got improved greatly. If you want to know more details about those treatments he received in our hospital or want to control kidney failure well, you can contact us by the following ways:

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