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Chinese Medicine for Treating Lupus Nephritis

2016-06-11 14:21

Chinese Medicine for Treating Lupus NephritisAMAL is a female Lupus Nephritis patient from Saudi Arabia, after 23 days treatment of Chinese Medicine Treatment, the facial butterfly erythema disappeared and the serum creatinine level downs to 326umol/L. The following are some details about her disease condition before treatment and after treatment, let’s have a look together.

Conditions before treatment:

Discontinuity facial butterfly erythema and high serum creatinine level 4 years, mild pitting edema of lower extremities, blood pressure 180/110mmHg, Red blood cell count 3.02*1012/L, hemoglobin 74g/L, Serum Creatinine 808umol/L, BUN 28.8mmol/L, UA 506umol/L, Protein+, Occult Blood+-

Diagnosed as:

Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE), Lupus Nephritis, kidney failure(uremia), Renal anemia, Metabolic acidosis, hyperuricemia


Maikang Mixture 3times/day, 40ml/time to promote blood circulation and improve immunity

Oral Chinese Herb Medicine, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath Therapy and Enema Therapy, to protect kidney function and repair the damaged kidneys.

After 23 days treatment, all those symptoms got relieved in some degree, edema and facial butterfly erythema disappeared, the following are some relative numbers after treatment:

Blood Pressure 110/70mmHg, Red Blood Cell Count 3.23*1012/L, Hemoglobin 80g/L, Serum Creatinine 326umol/L, BUN 14.2mmol/L, UA 345umol/L, Protein-, Occult Blood-

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