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Chinese Medicines Remove My 8 years Edema Totally

2016-06-24 17:36

Chinese Medicines Remove My 8 years Edema TotallyI am Hussein, a 16 years old boy from Pakistan, before coming here i’ve suffered from intermittent edema of lower extremities 8 years, but now it has gone thanks to the magical Chinese Medicine.

8 years ago, my blood pressure increased to 120/80mmHg, edema of lower extremities appeared. The test shown my protein2+, occult blood 1+, but my kidney function is normal. From then on, my disease condition went to worse day by day.

5 years ago, my serum creatinine increased to 276umol/L.

2 years ago, my serum creatinine increased to 853umol/L, then i have to take dialysis.

With 2 years dialysis, my disease condition still has no any improvement, so i decided to seek further treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Then, the test shown my Hemoglobin 104g/L, Protein 3+, Occult blood 1+, Serum creatinine 869umol/L, BUN 16.1mmol/L.

After got those test report my heart is so sad, i thought there is no good way to control my disease any more, but the experts here told me that “do not worry too much, you can control your disease soon”

Then, they gave me some Western medicines to relieve high blood pressure, edema, anemia and other obvious symptoms. But that is not the point, the point is they made me a treatment plan which consists of Maikang Mixture (60ml/time, 3times/day), Foot Bath Therapy (1time/day), Oral Chinese Medicine and Toxin-Removing Treatment(which is the latest treatment of kidney disease)

After 43 days treatment, my overall condition got improved greatly. The test shown that my hemoglobin is 125g/L, serum creatinine level downs to 480umolL, Uric Acid 211umol/L, BUN 8.0mmol/L. And i know that i’ve got the right treatments.

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