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Can Hypertension with Kidney Disease Got Controlled

2016-11-04 14:32

Mark suffered lower limbs swelling at the end of May, he went to the local hospital diagnosed as hypertension with kidney disease. The following are some details about his condition, let us have a look together.

Then, the Doctor advised him to do renal biopsy to determine the lesion type, but he refused. Some people introduced Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital to Mark, but he has doubt at first. He said, “ I refused to came this hospital when I heard of it first time. I have to think it over. I do not believe anyone only myself. Someone say it is good, but someone hold that it is cheat. So I will go to have a research by myself. I want to see what did doctor say and patients response. I want to confirm what degree will I recover to.”

When he was hospitalized, proteinuria 4+ with so high blood pressure, more serious his Upr reached to 14.87g. Doctors made a completely treatment plan including therapy, diet and living habits.

He could not adapt to the treatment at beginning. Everyday is Chinese medicine. Foot bath, medicated bath, oral medicine and physical treatment all are full of Chinese medicine smell.

After two weeks, his results read proteinuria reduced to 3+ . Mark seemed not very happy with the results because his proteinuria only reduced one plus. Nurse showed him the Upr lab reports with sharp reduce from 14.87g to 3.05g. He was happy again.

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