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Kidney Disease Patient Don’t Want to Take Hormone: What should I Do

2016-11-04 17:00

Kenly is a kidney disease patient, she suffered from both lower extremities edema, years of high blood pressure. Then, the test shown urine protein 3+, plasma albumin 28g / L. The doctor prescribed medicine to anti-inflammatory with hormones, to lower lipid with simvastatin tablets, anti-freezing with aspirin enteric-coated tablets, and also combine with the Jinshuibao capsule.

But when she new need to take the hormone, she refused resolutely. “I have a friend she is also a kidney disease patient, she take hormone just half of year, but now her face is too big, I don’t like to be her in the future.” “ if i don’t take hormone, does that mean i have to take dialysis?”

Our doctor told her, there is some alternative treatments, which can help her avoid dialysis.

The main role of hormone is anti-inflammatory, we can replaced it by other means. In addition, we can also eliminate the root causes of inflammation to prevent recurrent disease, which is the use of Chinese medicine to clean immune complex.

After two weeks’ traditional Chinese medicine treatment, urine protein reduced to 0.16g/24h, so she need not to eat hormone anymore, and also no need do dialysis. We are so glad to see this result.

If you also want to control kidney disease well and avoid dialysis, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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