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Creatinine Level in Kidney Disease Got Reduced from 1041 to 450

2017-04-28 19:04

I think all the kidney disease patient are afraid of uremia when they heard of it, i just want to tell the patient, do not be worried too much. Yes, uremia is terrible, but it can be controlled well with systematic treatment.

Ge Hua is a uremia patient from Taiwan, also he is one of the lucky guys. In 2015 he came to Shijiazhuang kidney hospital, his creatinine was 1041umol / L, lower limbs edema, fatigue and shortness of breath, her blood pressure also was a big problem for her so many years. Doctor here made a comprehensive treatment which combines traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, use the traditional Chinese medicines to clean the toxins in his blood and body, and combine with western medicine to give him a good kidney environment. After three courses of hospitalization, edema disappeared, blood pressure stable, his power also increased, serum creatinine decreased to 450umol/L, the other indicators are normal, then he discharged from our hospital, but also need the regular check up.

Let us give her the best wishes and prayer for her forever. May her life better and better.

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