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PKD Patient From Nigeria Avoid Dialysis and Transplant Successfully

2017-04-28 18:58

PKD Patient From Nigeria Avoid Dialysis and Transplant SuccessfullyI am PRAIA from Nigeria, 30 years old. Eight year ago, i was diagnosed as PKD patient, that is a nightmare for me.

Eight years ago, i found blood in my urine, so i went to Local hospital to make further diagnosis. The result showed that i have PKD, and my doctor told me that this disease can not be cured, if illness condition keeps deterioration, the dialysis and kidney transplant will be the only choice.

Four years ago, i found that my condition went to worsen, there was protein in my urine, creatinine went up to 349, but i did not want to take dialysis and transplant, so for the best treatment, i came to china for my disease.

Treatments in here is different from before, the whole treatment process is comfortable, and through one month treatment, my creatinine reduced to 180 and my cysts got shrunk by the systematic treatment. Thanks to the Chinese Medicine, now i need not to worry about dialysis and kidney transplant any more.

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