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25 Years of Diabetes with High Creatinine Level Got Controlled

2017-04-28 18:44

JAGDISH PRASAD, male, 78 years old, he is a Diabetic Nephropathy patient from India. He has been suffering from Diabetes 25 years and his creatinine began to increase since 5 years ago. Before he came here, he had accepted a series of treatment in his local hospital and his disease got controlled at one time. But later, it relapsed again. So in order to get further treatment he decided to come here to try a fortune, and finally he got it with the help of our doctors and nurses. All those indicators got improved greatly, especially the serum creatinine level, it decreased to 263umol/L from 593umol/L.

Look at the comparison values before treatment and post treatment on the left, you’ll know the curative effect clear.

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